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Washing Machine Stands . Inlet Pipes . Tap Adapters

LSRP's Universal Fit is one of the fastest-growing brand in home improvement tools category in India. The Universal Fit branded products have been loved by millions of customers and sent their praises with help of ratings and reviews. 

LSRP's Universal Fit is one of the few brands who does research on customer's feedbacks, their likings and dislikings, usability and then comes out with the most innovative products which always exceeds customer's expectations whether it is set for quality or for the features. LSRP's Universal Fit branded products are the true winners in all the segments that it falls in.

Post, having accomplished long set objectives in retails, we have recently(Sep 2020) launched our products on india's biggest e-commerce platforms like & Flipkart.Com and in just a span of few days only our product with brand name "LSRP's Universal Fit" topped the chart and started receiving high ratings from the customers who liked our products.

LSRP's Universal Fit has proved it's supremacy in all the product categories that they deals in and especially in categories like Washing Machine Stands, Washing Machine Inlet Pipes, Air Conditioner's Stands & Washing Machine Tap Adapters.

Our recent launch of "The Heavy Weight Series" Washing Machine Stands & "The Rarest Series" Washing Machine's Inlet Pipes & Tap Adapters have taken our legacy further and have stamped LSRP's Universal Fit as the brand which should be chosen when it comes to best quality washing machine stands or best quality washing machine inlet pipes or best quality washing machine tap adapters. When it's best it is always LSRP's Universal Fit.

Last but not the least, the all new latest washing machine stand "The Mightiest" is the only stand which is the "Hercules" of washing machines stand and no other stand can compare to it. It's the supreme or it won't be wrong if we had named it as the "Super-Stand". It's the only stand which is made with 1.22mm thick(14 Guage) heavy metal and it's the only stand that weighs 5Kgs (Net), it's the strongest of all, it's the heaviest of all and it's the best of all. Just on the launch day this stand took 25% share of the total sales of stands that happened on & collectively on that particular day.

We at LSRP GROUP, are fully committed to keep on improvising, innovating and offering customers the most innovative and advanced products that will be the right fit for their requirements and as well as for their pockets.

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Model: The Mightiest - White

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Model: The Mightiest - Black

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Model: The Heavy Weight - White

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Model: The Real Heavy Duty - White

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Rarest Series Washing Machine Inlet Pipes


Rarest Series Washing Machine Tap Adapters / Connectors

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